ECOHEAL is an international technical team that "pursues health, advocates nature and environmental protection, and is creative".

Provide Better Protection For People's Health

In 2009, through the close interaction and cooperation of the three systems of “industry, government, and learning”, in the face of the current deteriorating air environment, we are fully aware of the importance of air quality to the health of the people. Therefore, we are committed to researching and developing products that can improve indoor air quality in order to ensure the respiratory health of the people. Effectively solving indoor air pollution is the core goal of our technical team. After years of hard work and research results, we use the photo-ionization (PHIT) technology, and its patented core components are produced by American special process technology. This technology allows our air purification products to achieve excellent air purification effects in different indoor spaces.

Photosynthetic Electronic Tree

Inspired by the principle of "Photosynthesis" that trees and rainforests create oxygen for the earth's endless circulation. The unique PHIT photosynthetic ionization technology simulates the natural interaction of sunlight, water and air. It uses "light" to decompose and interact with "water" to transfer "oxygen" into a high-level free oxygen air purification factor, which is natural, low-consumption and intelligent to realize the function of continuous circulation and purification of indoor air.