ECOHEAL exclusive technology; viruses as small as 0.00001 microns can be purified.

ECOHEAL Photosynthetic Electronic Tree Design Core

Decompose harmful gases and remove odors

A full-effect model with "nano-level" as the goal of purification. According to the research of the Department of International Hygiene, more than 50% of the home environment PM2.5 exceeds the standard, but even more afraid is that 90% of the home environment PM0.1 concentration is higher than outdoor, which means that our homes are scattered with many ultra-small size below 0.1 micron Pollution sources, in addition to dust mites, microbes, and PM2.5 that are commonly heard, toluene, formaldehyde, viruses and bacteria are more terrifying invisible killers.

Enjoy The Clean Forest-Like Air At Home

Active Air Purification, No Dead Ends

Enjoy the comfort and cleanliness of a forest bath at any time. PHIT™ photosynthetic ionization air purification technology (Photohydroionization, that is, photosynthetic ionization, referred to as PHIT™ [Photosynthesis-Hydrogen-Ionization Technology] technology) This is an advanced active air purification technology, in a wide spectrum of ultraviolet and a variety of Under the action of the metal catalyst, PHIT purification factors including hydrogen peroxide ions, hydroxyl ions, superoxide ions and hydroxide ions are generated, which actively combine with the pollutants in the indoor air through air circulation, which is like a forest bath.

Possess purification ability far beyond HEPA filter

99% sterilization rate to prevent cross infection

The air purification technology of the ECOHEAL photosynthetic electronic tree is completely different from the HEPA filter. It is known as the next-world purification technology after the HEPA filter. Its efficiency score far exceeds that of the HEPA filter, regardless of the purification effect or the type of purification. The following figure lists the types of HEPA filters and the purifiers of the machine, and their particle size.

Item-level demonstration of PHIT™ technology

U.S. Level 4 Virus Laboratory Certification

The world's most advanced purification technology has been approved and adopted by world-renowned institutions. Healthy living can actually be very simple. Warm sunlight, clean air, clean water. "Photosynthetic Ion Technology"-The oxygen in the space is decomposed by ultraviolet light and then reacts with water vapor. Converts every 1 liter of oxygen into 17 trillion high-order oxygen purification factors. Actively remove harmful substances, bacteria, viruses and suspended particles in the air. It is ultimately reduced to oxygen, carbon dioxide, water and dust that are not harmful to the human body. For your home life, create an endless stream of good air.