RM 2,680.00

✓ 0 consumables, no filter, no need to replace consumables
✓ Effectively eliminate 99.4% of Corona Virus
✓ Very small molecules that can be purified to 0.00001 microns, including harmful substances such as viruses, PM2.5, molds, and formaldehyde
✓ Effectively eliminate 99.99% Influenza, H1N1 Influenza, Avian Influenza and other viruses




Product Specification

Product Name ECOHEAL Photosynthetic Electronic Tree
Product Model BM6
Product Net Weight 0.75 KG
Packaging Total Weight 1.45 KG
Applicable Pings Household 20-50 Square Meters
Household 7-15 Terraces
Consumption Power AC 0.3A / 10W
Input Power AC 100-240V 50/60Hz
Output Power 12V / 2A
Operation Temperature 0 ~ 60  ℃
Storage Temperature -20 ~ 70  ℃
Product Size d82 * H250 *d132    (mm)
d(up) * H * d(bottom)
Certification Information CQC
BSMI NO:R36235
SGS Dust Cleaning Ability Test Report
SGS Formaldehyde Removal Ability Test Report
SGS Total Volatile Organic Compound Removal Ability Test Report
Taiwan Electric Power Research and Test Center Ozone Test Report
Mingzhi University of Technology Test Report on the Extinction Effect of Staphylococcus Aureus
Guangdong Province Microbiological Analysis and Testing Center Sterilization Test Report
TVOC Test Report of Guangdong Microbial Analysis and Testing Center
PM2.5 test report of Guangdong Microbiological Analysis and Testing Center
Guangdong Province Microbiological Analysis and Testing Center Ozone Concentration Test Report
EAN-13 4710243660003


BM6 Chinese Manual
BM6 English Manual


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