RM 12,000.00

✓ 0 consumables, no filter, no need to replace consumables
✓ Effectively eliminate 99.4% of Corona Virus
✓ Very small molecules that can be purified to 0.00001 microns, including harmful substances such as viruses, PM2.5, molds, and formaldehyde
✓ Effectively eliminate 99.99% Influenza, H1N1 Influenza, Avian Influenza and other viruses




Product Specification

Product Name ECOHEAL Photosynthetic Electronic Tree
Product Model PRO 17
Installation Method Screw Wall
Component Illumination Value (Necessary Sterilization Amount) above 20mw
Component Material: High Transmittance Quartz Glass
(Penetration Effect 99.9%)
Applicable Pings 1600-3200 square feet
150-300 square meters
50-100 pings
Safety Devices When the lamp temperature exceeds 80 degrees, the power will cut off automatically
Product Net Weight Net. 7.6Kg / Box 8Kg
Product Size Product:22*11*60 cm
With bottom plate: 32*15*65 cm
Diameter of bottom plate: 32*15 cm
Outer box: 46*26*66 cm
Input Power AC 110V or 220V
(none Switch)
Output Power AC 0.3A / DC 2A
Consumption Power 40W
Appearance Material Galvanized steel sheet paint
Production Origin Taiwan
EAN-13 4710243660096
Certification Information CQC


PRO17 Chinese Manual


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