ECOHEAL is good at environmental engineering erection and IAQ monitoring.

ECOHEAL Environmental Engineering

Focus on independent research and development, independent design, fully comply with the environmental protection agency indoor air quality regulations and trustworthy.
(Combustible gas, toxic gas, controller, indoor air quality monitoring)

IAQ Environmental Monitoring System

6合1 IAQ,专业认证,云端储存 ,完整服务,多媒体播放器,工业型显示器,数位电子看板。

PEE Plant Environmental Engineering

Apply scientific and engineering methods to improve the environment, such as water supply engineering, atomization engineering, given engineering, environmental quantitative engineering such as temperature and humidity, air, water, etc.

CAC Air Conditioning Purification Project

Through the improvement of central air conditioning, it effectively eliminates smoke, pet odor, oily smoke, musty and flying dust, etc., while also improving the curling of smoke, bacteria on the surface of objects and dust particles in the air.