Photosynthetic electronic tree, plant trees for the environment
Powerful Sterilization Ability
After the purification factor collides with the microorganisms, it can destroy the cell membrane of the bacteria and "crack" the protein of the virus, greatly eliminating the spread of bacteria, molds and viruses in the air. Effectively reduce allergies and respiratory discomfort symptoms.
Remove Microorganisms On Food Surface
The purification factor is continuously disinfected and sterilized indoors, and even the food surface after contact with the air is not let go, so that your home life is clean, safe and secure.
Settling PM2.5
The purification factor will actively absorb and gather suspended particles above PM0.01, and settle into larger and heavier particles, which will become dust when they fall on the ground, preventing human inhalation.
Powerful Formaldehyde Decomposition
After the purification factor actively "impacts" organic pollutants such as benzene and formaldehyde, it is automatically reduced to harmless carbon dioxide and water.
Efficient Odor Decomposition
Effectively remove smoke, odor molecules and volatile gases in the air
Safety, Low consumption and High Efficiency
No need for filter consumables, 10W low power consumption, only 7 kWh per month, and 1.77 trillion air purification factor per liter.